Spokane's Pig Out in the Park

Rein Video Productions captured the excitement and energy of the Bobby Patterson Band with Bobby Patterson (Vocals and Lead Guitar), Bill Bancroft (Percussion), Randy Knowles (Bass) and Tom Norton (Keys). "Sooner Or Later" and "Borrowed Time" are original songs written by Bobby Patterson . Video by Rein Productions with Curt Rein, Dawn Troxell and Sue Eller. Audio mastering by Bobby Patterson, 8th Avenue Studio. Our Spokane audience stayed through the rain storm!!

Mt. Baker Rhythm Blues Festival

Videos of Mt. Baker R&B Festival, Compliments of Mark Konings, captured the world-class guitar technique and showmanship of Bobby Patterson, plus each of his award-winning band mates, Randy Knowles on bass, Bill Bancroft on percussion, and Tom Norton on Keys. Bobby Patterson Band performed three encores for the spirited Mt. Baker audience. We love you Mt. Baker!!!!

Crossroads Blues Festival

This festival was an exciting glimpse into the Kettle Fallscommunity working together to build a world-class stage and festival. Thanks to the organizers for their vision. What a night!!

New Years Eve at the Ramada at the Airport

The Ramada at the Airport hosted the Bobby Patterson Band and the legendary Fat Tones since 2013. Looking forward to the New Years 2017 Celebration at the Ramada. Fly in and join us!!